Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Do a Design Transfer

This is a cheap, fun way to transfer almost any simple image. I use it to start many of my customized drawings, and I mentioned it in my latest book, Cut, Crop & Die.

Basically, you are creating “carbon paper” on the back of your image. Here are the steps:

1. Print out your image on a piece of paper. The thinner, the better. The simpler your image (that is, the fewer the lines and the less complexity it has), the better.

2. Turn over your image onto the WRONG side. Using a graphite pencil (#2 lead or softer is best), color the paper on the WRONG side of the image. I like to make strokes one way (say from upper left to lower right) and then the other way (upper right to lower left).

3. Flip your original over to the right side. Tape it down to a new piece of paper. Copy over the lines of the original with your pencil. This will transfer the graphite on the back to the new paper.

4. Tada! You will have the original and a much, much lighter pencil version of the same. Now you can correct your new version—you’ll always have a few lines that are too thin or wobbly. But you have transferred your design. Good on you!

Okay, now that you know how to do's a tip: You can also transfer any image onto DARK paper by using the same process with one change. Instead of a regular lead pencil, use a white lead pencil like you find in a box of colored pencils. Heck, you could even use a yellow pencil or any pastel. It might be a little harder to lay down the coating of lead, but it does work!
Enjoy! And remember to respect copyrights and just use art that's copyright free.

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  1. Hello lovely lady .. it's been a while! Love 'tracing' as we call this technique in the UK, use it all the time, for all you reading tis give it a go, it's fabby!!!! NEED a copy of the new book I need to know what happens to Kiki next LOL and while I'm here can you believe it's been a year since I submitted BOB??????
    Hope you're well Love M x