Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paint Color Sample Birthday Card

Here’s a fun way to recycle those paint color strips you pick up at the hardware store.
(Okay, I know the borders are hard to see...)

1. Cut a 12” x 12” piece of paper in half.
2. Score a 1” x 6” piece along the bottom. (Tip: I use the channel in my personal trimmer for this. I line up the paper with the channel, but instead of running the cutting blade along the channel, I use my bone folder and make a groove.)
3. Make another score 5 ½” from your 1” score. (The card will now have a fold line at 5 ½” and 1”. Fold the piece like a matchbook.
4. Along the bottom WITHOUT the 1” fold, punch out 4 flowers. Center a paint strip behind the flowers, cut off the excess, and tape it down. Use a pen to trace around the flowers for detail. Punch one flower out of the paint strip.
5. Write Happy Birthday and attach the flower.
6. Now, fold the piece like a matchbook with the PLAIN side out. Address goes on the plain side of the card.

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